A Krappier Kind of Comic

This is a website with Krappy Comics created by Tom V.

Here’s a new one for you:

Drawing is fun for me and I like creating all kinds of ridiculous characters, goofy caricatures, and silly scenarios my brain cooks up. Here is what people are telling me after they read my work:

Dude WTF man? Why would you draw a hairy pair of ass cheeks with a dangling cigarette? What kind of political message is this supposed to be a metaphor five six? I don’t understand it and I’m taking it super personal bro.

— Jonny Danken

…and here’s another one:

Honey, I know you like drawing dicks all over everything – maybe you can turn that into some kind of ironic career or monetize it on the interwebs?

— my Mom

Like any human, I deflect compliments, distrust the motives of strangers and desire recognition and validation. I don’t do social media, so leave a comment on my Youtubes, or send me a message at ‘krappycomics’ at the Gmails dot com.